Our Approach

True Mindsets


to maximize your potential both personally and professionally. Extraordinary things are possible when our actions align with specific intentions.

True Mindsets


on building a trusted and sustainable blueprint with priority set on progress and results.

True Mindsets


to build a personalized “mental game plan” to meet your game. The results have been progressive and some, immediate. Everyone is different and their issues, anxieties, stresses and even confidences are unique to them.

True Mindsets


your mind to master the art of consistency as it pertains to your professions. Each process then becomes unique to you.

In their Words...

Danielle is a one of a kind human being. She not only understands sports and the game of baseball, but bigger than anything she understands life and how each individual needs to be treated differently. Baseball and life directly tie in together, and there’s no one better than her when it comes to dominating the mental part of the game. I wouldn’t put my trust in anyone but her.

- Hunter Bishop (MLB player)

Our Services

True Mindsets

For Athletes

At True Mindsets, we understand your challenges and are prepared to support you in maximizing your potential on and off the field. The demand of your game and managing school, family, friends and the recruiting process can be a lot. The mental part of your game is key for long term success and immediate improvement. True Mindsets aims to simplify and support you in sport and life challenges.

True Mindsets

High School

True Mindsets works with high level, committed prospects with an emphasis on organizing their performance in and out of the classroom.

True Mindsets


True Mindsets puts an emphasis on helping these young people understand the importance of showing up to their respective sports with the best version of themselves.
True Mindsets


True Mindsets helps to meet the needs of the athlete both personally and professionally, connecting quickly and seeking the progress (which makes them happy) and the results (which gets them paid).
True Mindsets

For Coaches

Coaches, I’m looking forward to connecting and also learning from you! It’s such a privilege and honor to work with young athletes and to share our influence. True Mindsets aims to contribute to your journey as “Coach” and to offer perspective and support to your teams.

For Parents

I take great pride in building strong relationships with your kids! I’m also a parent of athletes and I realize how overwhelming it can be trying to manage life, sports and their mindsets on and off the field. I am hoping to be of service to you and your athlete as you prepare for the next levels. I am here to support you during this exciting time.

True Mindsets
True Mindsets

For Corporate

True Mindsets thrives in bringing strong-minded individuals together and empowering them toward common goals as one. With the emphasis on realistic results and production, True Mindsets will elevate the individuals and educate them on leadership, internal and external motivations and the power of vulnerability. The True Mindsets executive is one who sees no limits and is fierce in the face of creativity and development.

Tried and True

The True Mindsets platform is geared toward an action-oriented process. Predominantly in the mental skills world, there seems to be a projection of ideas or potential motivators projected onto an athlete. As great of an idea as it may seem – or even an external, in the moment motivator – it’s temporary and almost is never going to work for an athlete in the “action” moment.

It’s similar to an actor when the director calls for “action”, the actor must be present in the moment with his or her given script and then add that to the action scene. The more present the actor is, combined with a clear intention and an aligned action, the more compelling and believable the story is that the actor is bringing to life.

For an athlete, the more specific the intention is, followed by an aligned action, the more probability an athlete will give him/herself for that positive result. Listening with intention and following with an action-oriented game plan is crucial to forward motion and building the connection worthy of immediate progress and results.

A simplified routine, gratitude, accountability, consistency, organization, resiliency, and having the ability to bring the energy again and again are crucial to a sustainable career.  The first task is meeting the athlete where they are mentally and emotionally. Based on the conversation and answers to some vulnerable questions, True Mindsets meets the athlete where they are and progress begins there.

True Mindsets


Athletes at the professional level all share the 1% mindset theory. However, even within their small communities, the cream still rises to the top, and we start seeing the great athletes – or the 1% of the 1% – rise up.

In their Words...

" Danielle has brought new life into our program with her experiences and life lessons. She has challenged our athletes to see life through a whole new lens and be more intentional in all that they do. Her competitive mindset training is so necessary for this generation and all that they are up against. We are seeing the athlete’s personal growth and mental progress as much as the physical. "

- Kathy (SDSU Softball Head Coach)