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Danielle is the founder of True Mindsets and turned her passion into a business in 2017. She was inspired by the late Ken Ravizza, a famous sport psychologist that built solid relationships and worked with some of the best athletes across sports.

Danielle has worked her way to the top, becoming one of the most exclusive Mindset and Performance advisers in sports. Danielle has a diverse background in sports herself. She was California State Athlete of the Year in 1994, a state and National Champion surfer, former Professional Surfer, UCLA Collegiate Softball Player, Dir Bike racer and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black Belt Multi-World, National, international, and Pan American Champion. Danielle is an expert in personal protection and has used her black belt to empower our youth and adults and stand against bullying. Danielle has worked as an on-camera talent, modeled, and has influenced many through her motivational and keynote speaking. Danielle brings an intentional and action = results philosophy to the mental/performance platform and been a game changer for top celebrities and athletes in the entertainment industry, MLB, NHL, NFL, NBA, MMA, MLR, Olympic athletes, D-1 College Baseball, Football, and Softball, on down to high-level high school and travel ball prospects. Danielle has a unique and authentic approach that allows her to meet the athletes where they are and support them in building a sustainable mental game plan which helps them maximize their potential both personally and professionally.

True Mindsets meets the athlete where they are, and progress begins there.

- Danielle Martin

Danielle is fierce in her approach to battling the issues involving mental wellness in the athletic arena. Her creative recipe of marrying the athlete mindset with the protection mindset and the fighter mindset have proven to be an effective vessel for athletes who seek success at the next level. Danielle believes that better people make better athletes and her focus on connecting and building trust with her clients is why their improvement curves are top among their peers.

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